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Our Penthouse Suite

Our Penthouse offers a unique blend of privacy and mountain living! 1500 sqft penthouse is more than a room, its a home here in the Smoky's featuring 2 full bedrooms, a full kitchen, 3 pull out couches and private elevator access on our top most floor! Views of the mountains and our parkway, offering a birds eye view during our car show events! The penthouse also offers a 4 person in room hot tub with jets, 55' television and a full-sized refrigerator making it ideal for longer stays or family get togethers! The penthouse is available by advanced booking only and the rates are subject to special events, duration of stay and holidays. For more information, please call the front desk between the house of 9am to 9pm to speak with a manager about rates and availability!                                                                                                                             1-(865)453-5555

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