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Policies & Rental Agreements

Reservation Deposits

[Effective April First 2024] All Reservations will be subject to a non-refundable deposit of $50 per reservation. This is with exception to Special Events, Car Shows & Holidays! Those reservations will be subject to a deposit of the first night. All deposits will be applied to the balance of the room's overall total. Special Events, Car Show and Holiday rate reservations are non-refundable.  

Trailers / car haulers

Due to limited parking, we do not allow Trailers or Car haulers of any kind in our parking lot! The church adjacent to our property allows for trailer parking for a daily fee (subject to the churches discretion). You are allowed to use our parking lot to off load your show car or truck! 


Our parking lot is on the smaller size but does allow for all rooms to have a spot. While spots are not assigned here, we do ask that you be mindful of the amount of spaces you plan to use during your stay. We do not and will never charge for parking as long as you are a guest at the Riverside Motor Lodge! 

Saving spots

Parking spots ARE NOT ASSIGNED! We are not responsible for your spot during Special events or Car Shows! In the past guests have used chairs to save their spot for when they decide to take their show car for a cruise. Understand that it is not the responsibility of the staff to save, maintain, protect or otherwise hold your spot should you choose to leave it! Any personal belongings IE: Chairs, Coolers, Clothing, ect... left unattended outside the walls of this establishment are not the responsibility of the staff, owners or company of the motel. 

Peppy "The Bird"

Peppy "The Bird" is our 35 year old Blue Front Amazon parrot. He was purchased the day we opened our doors in 1990 and has been a loyal mascot who is loved by all of our staff. He also bites! He has the strength to bite through a Walnut without any effort and can break bone! There are signs on his cage warning you that he will bite! Please do not attempt to pet the bird, even if he asks you too, because he will. Please do not harass the bird, yes he can talk, he can also get into a screaming match with a toddler that will last for hours. He is sensitive to loud noises and it will cause him to molt (loose his feathers) and this can be very dangerous for him.  He can say (Hi, hello, hi pretty boy, hello, whacha doin', your pretty, hey baby, bark like a dog, meow like a cat, whistle, and tell you bye bye.) At this point he can no longer learn any new words please do not try to teach him lol. 

Trespassing / being asked to leave the property 

We strive to be a family friendly establishment and as such have rules regarding how our staff is to be treated and what we will allow as far as activities on the property. Please treat our staff with respect and kindness as they are all family here (we are family owned and operated since day one). Because of this, verbal or physical harassment of the staff will result in you being checked out and told to leave! We are firm on this rule! This extends to our guests as well, we will not allow any physical altercations, screaming obscenities, unlawful behavior, vandalism, or illicit drugs on this property. Anyone found to be in violation of these will be trespassed from the property, no refund will be offered or given and depending on the severity of the action, police will be notified.  

Lost and Found

Once you have checked out you may have noticed something missing! Give us a call! We hold on to lost belongings for up-to 30 days after finding them. We will also attempt to call you if we find something you left behind! We will even mail it back to you within reasonable price or on at your cost for larger items that require insurance! Our staff completes a full sweep of the room after cleaning and go out of there way to locate lost items. Why we are not responsible for lost items, we do our best to locate them! 

Alcohol outside of the rooms

For the safety of our guests and staff, we ask that any alcoholic beverages be consumed inside your room. Some exceptions are made during Special Events/Car shows/Holidays but we still ask that you abide by our city's ordinance for open container laws. Please drink responsibly and do not drive! We have a beautiful 3rd floor balcony where you can sit and enjoy the show!  

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